Movement Classes

Didi invites you to join her for the following classes.

2019/2020 Season

Class Descriptions and Details

1.Tai Chi and Qigong Class

Qigong butterfly ball

These gentle classes are open to all. Develop relaxation,  balance, strength, flow,  patience and concentration.

Tai chi is simple but not easy. Classes incorporate group learning and individual practice and attention.

Time: Mon &  Fri  8am-9am

Classes are ongoing. Join anytime.

Location: we are currently meeting on the beach in front of the De Maria Restaurant – West end of the Beach in Melaque. Feel free to contact me for directions.

Cost: 50 pesos per class or 300 pesos/month

Didi will also be leading a class at Casa Luz  in La Manzanilla  (workshop style) beginning on Monday December 2nd, 2019. This class  will run weekly through end of March 2020 on Monday afternoons from 4-5pm. All welcome.



2. Groove Dance Class

Groove Dance.pngGroove is “dance party” meets “class led for fun and creativity”. Simple steps are introduced and then transformed with your own style . Participants have a great time, hardly noticing that they are getting a full body workout. You can’t get it wrong in a groove class. Follow the leader or do it your own way. Far from mirrors, you are invited to leave your judgements and inhibitions on the beach. Groove is a  celebration of you and how you move in the body you are in. Eclectic music including disco, pop, salsa and swing.  Feel great during the class and leave renewed and inspired.

Time: Currently there is no regular Groove Classes scheduled.  This class is great fun for a party or special event.   Contact Didi for more information.

3. Meditation


  For years, meditators have met in Melaque once or twice a week to ‘sit’ together and support each other. Details about group meditation for the 2019-20 season TBA.